Welcome to Wisdom Partner D.D.S.! My name is Dr. Cade Foust
and I have chosen to focus my career as a general dentist to provide
I.V. sedation and oral surgery services. I work in partnership with
your dentist to provide this service at the convenience and familiarity
of your own dental office.

Having been a patient myself many times, I have found that I am
most comfortable and comforted when my questions are answered.  
This site was created for your reference and to better inform you
about your procedure. If you have questions, the chances are they
have been answered in this website.

For any additional questions please feel free to email or call me.

Email: drfoust@wisdompartnerdds.com
Cell:    (832) 600-6878
Fax:    (888) 565-5188
R.T. Foust, DDS
General Dentist Providing
Oral Surgery